RingDivas.com Presents: Glory & Honor: Predictions:

Alright, it’s this Saturday 7/24/10, RingDivas.com presents Glory & Honor, here is a complete run down of the card and predictions…..

Tag Team match:

Jelena & Angel Dust vs. The Twin Towers of Destruction (Vanessa Kraven & Jessicka Havoc)

My prediction: The Twin Towers of Destruction

Inter-Gender Match:

Kyle Shilinger vs. Violet

My Prediction: Kyle Shilinger

Dream Match-up:

“Kid Dynamite” Hazel vs “Ultimate” Gojirah

My Prediction: “Kid Dynamite” Hazel

Non-Title Main Event:

“Reflection of Perfection” Destiny Dumon (c) vs. Sandy Van Buren

My Prediction: “Reflection of Perfection” Destiny Dumon

Plus, Kyle & Destiny address the crowd…..

It all comes up this Saturday, July 24th exclusively on RingDivas.com

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