Ring Divas Custom & Pro-Style Updates

Over the past few weeks RingDivas.com has had two updates that I’ve failed to talk about…..

Let’s start with their latest Pro-Style Update….

Sam Sexton & Kristen vs. Misty

This match is just a good old fashioned 2 on 1 ass whooping….

All three girls wearing one-piece outfits….

There are no ringside announcers, and, no referees….

Next is there huge Custom video update

Club Dresses & Sexy Panties Vol 1

This DVD looks very hot, Ring Divas Rookie Sandy Van Buren takes on Women’s World Champion Destiny Dumon, wearing dresses more appropriate for a night club….

I’ve ordered this one and will post my thoughts on it after I watched it….

Violet’s Bra & Thong Destruction

Sam Sexton teams up with a convicted felon recently released from jail, Giant Geo to completely destroy Ring Divas Rookie Teen Violet

Complete Destruction of Hazel Vol. 2

This is more like a dream match, what would happen if former Women’s World Champion Sam Sexton met former KOA World Champion Hazel when they were both still champion?

Watch as Sam Sexton destroys Hazel in a dream match-up

For on these DVD please click the corresponding thumbnails links on the left side of the page for more details…..

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