Latest RingDivas Update

Well, I’ve been MIA for so long, I forgot to post about the last 2 RingDivas updates, so, here we go…..

Prostyle Battle Vol. 5 (Destiny Dumon vs. Queen Arianna)

The latest Prostyle update features the current Women’s World Champion the “Reflection of Perfection” Destiny Dumon taking RingDivas Rookie Queen Arianna…..

RingDivas: Superstars 2010

And, finally…..

The contest to see who the next RingDivas superstar has begun, the winner gets a guaranteed contract of $100,000….

Waqtch as RingDivas Rookies Teen Violet, Leilani and Yumi Yubari take on seasoned RingDivas veterans “Ultimate” Gojirah, “Reflection of Perfection” Destiny Dumon, and, “Sensational” Sam Sexton in one on one matches…..

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