RingDivas News and Updates

RingDivas.com announced last week the name and release date of there latest herione destruction movie:

Jenah Hex

The movie is Jenah Hex is is set to be released on 10/16, starring Women’s World Champion Destiny Dumon, with more of the cast revealed later, they also realesed the movie poster as well…..

Destiny Dumon as Jenah Hex

I’ll post more details as they become available, and check out RingDivas.com for more details…..

Also, RingDivas released possibly it’s hottest set of custom DVD’s ever…..

Coed Bikini Beatdown Vol. 5 (Destiny Dumon vs. RichBitch Madi)

Watch as Women’s World Champion Destiny Dumon destroys the RichBitch…..

Lace Panty Destruction Vol. 1 (Teen Misty Blonde vs. Giant Geo)

Nominated as best Male vs. Female match of the year….

Watch as the Ex-Con Giant Geo takes out his frustrations on the beautiful Misty Blonde……A must have for any Male vs. Female fan…..

RagDoll Vol. 11 (Ultimate Gojirah vs. Sandy Van Buren)

The most requested RagDoll video of all time….

Watch as Gojirah KO’s and vicously ragdolls Sandy Van Buren around the ring…..a must have for any Rang Doll Fan…..

As always, click the corresponding links on the right side of the page to purchase any of these items…..

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