The Torture Rack of Death Destruction of Tina Lockhart

Hazel sits in the backstage area along with Destiny Dumon and Racquel Colon.

“She needs to be stopped.” Hazel mutters.

“Who needs to be stopped?” Destiny asks.

“Tina.” She responds.

“None of us can do it one on one. I mean, she’s knocked you out, Destiny, she knocked you out, Hazel, and she’s already strapped me to the Torture rack of Death, I mean, can we even take her three on one?” Racquel asks.

“We’ll need a plan. We can’t discuss it here, let’s meet at the warehouse, midnight, and we’ll devise a plan, are you in, ladies?” Hazel asks.

“I’m in!” Destiny says.

“Racquel, we can’t do this with out you!”

“Fine, I’m in.” She finally responds.

Midnight arrives and as agreed, the three ladies meet at the warehouse.

“How are we going to do this, Hazel?” Destiny asks.

“We need to bring her here, this is the warehouse where they store the Torture Rack of Death, we’re going to strap her to it, and we’re going to beat her and humiliate her.”

“Easier said then done! How do you expect us to get her here?” Racquel asks.

“That’s where you come in, Racquel. You’re the party girl, invite her out for drinks, me and Destiny will take care of the rest!”

“We will?” Destiny asks, looking shocked.

“Relax, Destiny, I’ll give Racquel something to put in Tina’s drink, she’ll barely be able to stand by the time we get to her.” Hazel says.

“Ok, let’s go get some rest. And ladies, tonight, we get our revenge on Miss Tina Lockhart!” Hazel says, high fiving Racquel and Destiny.

The next night arrives, and all four ladies are at the RingDivas arena training and working out, and Racquel sets her sights on Tina Lockhart.

“Tina, I was hoping we could bury the hatchet, you know, let bygones be bygones, let me buy you a few drinks after our workouts.”

“And what makes you think I want to be seen in public with you?” Tina asks, staring down at Racquel.

“Look, Tina, it’s just drinks, and I promise to pay for everything, anything you want, I’ll pay for, sound good, Miss Tina?”

“I like being called, ‘Miss Tina’, I’ll go with you, just as long as we’re clear on one thing, we’re NOT friends, am I clear, little girl?”

“Yes, Miss Tina, we’re clear!” Racquel says, walking away.

Racquel walks to the back and meets up with Destiny and Hazel.

“Is she going with you tonight?” Destiny asks.

“Yes, but, God, she’s so fucking conceited!” Racquel shouts.

“We know, just stick to the plan, she gets humliated.” Hazel says.

Racquel walks back and continues her workout.

Before too long, Tina finishes her workout and walks towards Racquel.

“You ready?” Tina says, trying not to look at Racquel.

“Yeah, I just want to take a shower, give me 15 minutes.”

“Ok, hurry up, I don’t have all night!”

Racquel walks back to the locker room, and takes a nice, hot, shower, she towels off and is approched by Hazel.

“Drop two of these in her drink, you’ll have to carry her back to your car, think you can do that?”

“Yeah, let’s teach this bitch a lesson!” Racquel says, high fiving Hazel.

Racquel finishes getting ready, and before long, she’s walking into the backstage area to greet Tina.

“Took you long enough, come on, Tina’s thirsty!”

“Yes, Miss Tina. Wanna take my car?”

“Are you serious? I wouldn’t be caught dead in your car, and I don’t want you in my car, just follow me, got that?”

“Yes, Miss Tina!”

They both leave the arena and about 20 minutes later, they arrive at a rather upscale bar.

They sit at a secluded table, away from all the
hustle and bustle.

“Go up to the bar, and order me a glass of red wine, and when you come back, find another table to sit at, I don’t want anyone seeing me here with you!” Tina says.

Racquel walks up to the bar and gets the bartenders attention.

“Yeah, give me a glass of red wine and a club soda, please.”

Racquel takes Tina’s drink and drops the two pills into it and stirs until they dissolve, drinks her club soda and walks back to the table.

“Took long enough!” Tina says, glaring at Racquel.

Racquel hands Tina her drink and moves to the table directly behind Tina, and just watches her, after a few minutes, Tina passes out, Racquel sits there a minute, then she takes out her cel phone and calls Hazel.

“Hazel? She’s out, I’m on my way, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“Ok, hurry, we only have a small window to do this!”

It takes Racquel a few minutes, but she finally loads Tina into the back seat of her car.

About 15 minutes later, she arrives at the warehouse.

Destiny gets Tina out of the car, lifts her over her shoulder, and carries her into the warehouse.

“Lay her on the table, and strip her down, then will strap her up!” Hazel yells, directing traffic.

Destiny and Racquel strip Tina down to her matching white bra and panties, when the notice that she’s starting to come around.

“Hurry up, strap her up!” Hazel yells, rolling in the Torture Rack.

Racquel and Hazel start putting on there MMA gloves as Destiny quickly carries Tina over to the Torture Rack.

“Wh-where………am……….I?” Tina moans out, as Destiny ties her wrists up.

“Wake up, Tina!” Hazel says, slapping Tina.


“We’re extracting revenge!” Racquel says, punching Tina, hard, in the stomach.

“OW! Stop, please!” Tina cries out, now fully awake.

“Let’s see how you like getting knocked out, Lockhart!” Destiny says, delivering a hard upper-cut low blow.

“Fuck you, fuck you!” Tina yells, spitting at the three of them.

Racquel, Hazel and Destiny each begin pounding on Tina’s stomach, bruising her abs.

“Stop, please stop!” Tina again cries out!

“Grab the fire extinguisher, Destiny!” Hazel orders.

Destiny returns a few seconds later with the fire extinguisher, and proceeds to ram it hard, several times into Tina’s exposed stomach, Tina passes out from the pain, only to be revived, by Racquel, who’s holding a crow bar, and she repeatedly rams it into Tina’s stomach, until she passes out again.

“Wake her up!” Hazel again orders, as she slips on a pair of brass knuckles.

“Time to get knocked out, Tina!” Hazel says, grabbing Tina by the face.

“Go to hell, bitch!” Tina yells.

Hazel cocks back and punches Tina right in the face with the knuckles, knocking Tina out cold.

“Let’s unhook her!” Destiny says.

They unhook her, and just drop her to the floor, and they just leave her there.

The End…….