Dancing With The Stars

Tonight, I’m hoping to watch the entire episode of DWTS, I did’t last week, and I missed seeing Ryan Lochte almost get his ass whooped.

But, all the shows have their season premieres this week, including one that sounds good called Designated Survivor Starring Kiefer Sutherland, who, I thought it would be funny if he could reprize his role of Jack Bauer from the hit Fox series 24. See in the series Designated Survivor, he plays a cabinet member who hs been selected to not attend the president’s State Of The Union address, this is just in case the unthinkable happens, and the president and the entire cabinet are killed, this survivor will be the only person remaining to become President Of The United States (POTUS). I just find it funny, after all the years of protecting the president as Jack Bauer, he now get to be president. And also it would have been nice to see, in some form or another, the use of either Kim Raver or Elisha Cuthbert somewhere in this series. And tomorrow night, Agents of Shield premiers, whith Chloe Bennet’s character finally embracing her roloe as Quakes to battle Ghost Rider, Agents of Shield should be very interesting tomorrow night. Also tomorrow night, Chopped Junior, which is one of my favorite versions of Chopped.