President-Elect Trump Meets With President Obama Today.

I something people are making a far greater deal of than they should, the President, which I understand is customary, invited the President-Elect to a meeting at the White House today, it just so happens that the President-Elect is Donald J. Trump, and over the last 5+ years has had not one nice thing about current sitting President Barrack Obama. But, keeping with tridition, Obama invited Trump to the White House on the first Thursday following election day. And Obama said when asked that when he met with then President George W. Bush, he and his staff were very cordial, and respectful, and that Mr. Obama instructed his staff to be as respectful and cordial as Mr. Bush and his staff were to them. Which I though was a classy move by Obama, because of the words exchanged between himself and Donald Trump. Now, I’m going to be honest, and people can beat me up about this, I don’t care. I didn’t vote for either Clinton or Trump, I voted 3rd party, I voted for Gary Johnson. But, now, Mr. Trump, you got the job, now what are you going to do?