More Protests Over Night, As People Rebel Against A Trump Presidency

As people demonstrate natonwide against the impending Trump presidency, at one protest, a man stood on the opposite side of the street, holding a sign that read: You’re all cry babies. And whether those people like it or not, he had just as much right to be there as they did, the constitution guarantees us those rights. Now I’m hearing about vandalism at schools in surbaban Philadelphia, as people are using this opprotunity to spread hate, and Nazi propaganda. Things like this makes me so angry. I’ve recently been reading up on te 2nd World War, and more specifically Auschwitz, which how in the name of God can anyone say the Holocaust didn’t happen is beyond me.

But, I’m getting off topic, while I’m all for people excersing there constitunial rights, in all honesty, there protests prove nothing, like it or not, we’re stuck with Trump for at least 4 years, so we better get used to the fact that Trump is out president.