Dream Battle Angels/LWWL Card

I had mentioned this last night on the RingDivas.Com message board, but I’d figure I’d post it here as well. My dream card, involving Battle Angels & LWWL superstars. Here we go.

  1. Shantelle Taylor vs. Destiny Dumon
  2. Brooke Fairchild vs. Teen Summer
  3. Hazel vs. Mia St. james
  4. Heather Holms vs. Tatyana Namen Gita

Now let’s break down each match-up.

Shantelle Taylor vs. Destiny Dumon

These two never met in the ring, but, I’d just thought it’d be interesting to see the first Women’s World Champion Shantelle ‘Taylor Wilde’ Taylor vs. The Greatest Women’s World Champion ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ Destiny Dumon. In my opinion this would be a close back and forth contest, between two of the best this business has to offer. Storyline wise, Tiana Ringer & Elle Dumon would come out and try to ruin either Destiny or Shantelle from winning, so, I see a double disqualification.

Brooke Fairchild vs. Teen Summer.

Teen Summer never lost the Rising Angels Championship, she tried to surrender the title to Queen Ariana, which didn’t work out, enter Brooke Fairchild, who, through a war with the self professed Queen emerged the Rising Angels Champion, and in my opinion the greatest Rising Angels ever. It would be extremely interesting to see these two battle for what I’ll call the Undisputed Rising Angels Championship. A great back and forth battle would ensue, but Brooke seals the deal with the ‘Brooke Lock’.

‘The Dynamite Kid’ Hazel vs. Mia St. James

When Mia St. James was essentially fired, there was the business of the KOA Championship, which Hazel held prominently for a few months. It would be interesting to see these two go head to head in a 5-round battle for the KOA Championship, with Hazel winning in the 4th round with an armbar.

Heather Holms vs. Tatyana Namen Gita

This is a dream match for one reason, knockout power, Heather with her Superman punch and Tatyana with her vicious right hook, she was able to KO Hazel at DivaMania one year to capture the KOA title, but was quickly stripped of it when she failed a drug test. So it would be interesting to see, could Heather surprise with the Superman punch? I do predict Heather to win by 1st round KO.