74% Of Americans Feel Trump Presidency Is Legit, Despite Mounting Protests.

According to ABC News 74% of Americans feel the Trump presidency is a legit presidency. As protests grow nationwide, with more and more arrests as each day passes. 

I’ve often said, I don’t agree with our flawed election system. The primary system is flawed, and the general election system is flawed, it’s time to abolish both the electoral college and the delegate system.

The primary election should just take one day, who ever wins the elections for the two ‘Major’ parties, those are your presidential candidates, and as far as the general election, whoever wins the popular vote, that’s your president, and yes, I fully realize that that would mean, Hilliary Clinton would currently be our president, I mean, also Mitt Romney would have been president 4 years ago, and Al Gore would have been president 16 years ago, a lot of history would have changed if the popular vote was used to determine the president of the United States.