Tales Of Forced Sex Vol. 01 Ch. 01

Lauren & Alexandra are co-workers, and, are also the best of friends, but, what Alexandra doesn’t know is that Lauren has a huge crush on her, and, has always been afraid to admit to it.

Lauren is a 25yr old blonde, very fit and trim, with beautiful green eyes, and a nice 34b chest.

Alexandra is a curvy 30yr old red head, she’s not fat, just filled out in all the right places, with emerald green eyes, and, a very nice 36c chest.

And, tonight, Alexandra is wearing a green party dress, which fits her perfectly, with green satin & lace bra & panties, and, Lauren is wearing a yellow tank top, tight blue jeans, no bra & yellow thong panties.

Alexandra & Lauren spend the night out on the town, and, Alexandra is more then a little drunk, so, Lauren helps her get home.

“Come on, Alex, only a little bit further.” Lauren says, taking Alexandra by the hand, and leading her into her bedroom.

Lauren helps her sit on the edge of her bed, takes her high heels off, and, helps her out of her dress, and, gets her into bed.

“There you go Alex, get some sleep, ok?”

Lauren goes to leave, but, turns and notices how sexy Alexandra looks just laying there helpless.

Lauren walks back over to Alexandra, reaches down and squeezes Alexandra’s breasts, and, carefully slides them out of her bra, she leans down and gently begins sucking on her nipples.

Lauren gets a little startled when she hears Alexandra moan a little, and move her head from side to side.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, you drunk slut!” Lauren thinks to herself.

Lauren takes her one hand and runs it from Alexandra’s breasts, all the way to her panties.

“Hmmm, her pussy is wet!” Lauren thinks, as she slides her hand inside Alexandra’s panties.

Lauren carefully slides Alexandra’s panties off and begins to gently stroke her pussy lips, she then leans down and begins to gently flick her tongue over Alexandra’s clit, slowly working her middle finger nto her pussy, finger fucking her.

Lauren softly smiles when she notices Alexandra’s breathing quicken, she’s close to cumming.

“You’re not cumming yet, slut!” Lauren thinks to herself, reaching into her purse and getting out a small red vibrator, and, a stick of pink lipstick.

Lauren turns the vibrator on and gently rubs it up and down Alexandra’s pussy lips and clit, then, she slowly pushes it all the way inside of her, leaving it inside of her, as Lauren again begins to lick and suck on her clit.

Before too long, Alexandra takes a deep breath, she’s had an orgasm.

Lauren just stands there, watching her beautiful friend, still sleeping, Lauren opens her jeans, and, puts her hand inside her panties, and starts playing with her clit, faster, and, faster she rubs, until Lauren has an incredible orgasm.

Lauren pulls her hand from her panties, and, wipes her fingers over Alexandra’s mouth, making her taste her pussy.

She then takes the lipstick, and, writes the word ‘Whore’ on Alexandra’s forehead, and, the word ‘Slut’ across her breasts, and, the words ‘Rape Victim’ across her stomach.

Lauren then applies the lipstick to her own lips, and, kisses Alexandra’s stomach, leaving a lipstick mark on her stomach.

Lauren notices that Alexandra is starting to wake up, she grabs her things and heads out the door.

Alexandra wakes up a few minutes later, and, notices her breasts hanging out, and, her panties missing.

“What the fuck? What the fuck happened here?”

Then she notices what is written on her stomach.

“No! No! NO! NO!” She begins screaming!

Then, for reasons she can’t explain, she has another orgasm, it’s then that she feels the the vibration in her pussy, she reaches down and pulls the vibrator form her pussy.

“No! No! This is Lauren’s vibrator. NO!” Alexandra screams out again.

With that, her phone rings.


“Alex? It’s Lauren. Couldn’t help hearing you scream. Did you find my vibrator in your cunt?”

“You bitch! Yes, I found it.”

“Did you taste my pussy on your lips?”

“Oh my God! You wipe your smelly pussy on my mouth?”

“Alex? I’ll be back tonight, remember, I have a key to your apartment.”

“You fucking bitch! You wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh, yes I will! This time I’ll take pictures. See you tonight, cunt!”

Lauren hangs up the phone, and, Alexandra begins crying.

“What have I done to deserve this?” She thinks to herself.

To be continued….