Tales Of Forced Sex Vol. 01 Ch. 02

Alexandra stands in her shower, trying to wash away the pain, and, humiliation that she feels after being raped while she slept by her best friend, Lauren.

Alexandra gets out of the shower, and, goes into her bedroom, and, gets out a green satin and lace bra and panty set to wear.

She slides the panties on, and, is just about to clasp her bra, when she feels a rag being placed over her mouth.

“Told you I’d be back, bitch!” Lauren says.

Alexandra begins to struggle, eventually breaking free.

“You fucking bitch!” Alexandra yells, swinging at Lauren, and, missing badly.

“You want to fight me, Alex? Come on, bitch, let’s fight!” Lauren says, charging at Alexandra, taking her down to the floor.

“I’m gonna rape your fat ass again, bitch!” Lauren yells, first punching Alexandra in the face, then, ramming her knee into Alexandra’s crotch.

“OW! Please, Lauren, please, stop it!”

“Fuck you, bitch!” Lauren yells, puching Alexandra in the face again, bruising her her cheek.

“Do what ever you want to me, just stop HITTING ME!” Alexandra yells, through her tears.

“I will do what ever I want to you, Alex!” Lauren says, unbuttoning her jeans, and, showing off her smooth, hairless pussy.

“You’re going to eat my pussy, you fat fuck!” Lauren says.

“I’ll do whatever you want me to do!” Alexandra says, still crying.

Lauren slides her jeans off, and, stands over Alexandra, and, lowers herself onto her face.

“That’s it, eat my pussy, you fat fuck!” She moans out, feeling Alexandra’s tongue dance over her clit.

Lauren starts to grind her pussy against Alexandra’s mouth, her pussy is so wet, she can hear Alexandra slurping her juices.

“Do you like how my pussy tastes, fat fuck?”

“Mm-mmm” Alexandra moans out.

Alexandra continues to lick Lauren’s pusssy, and, she’s very close to cumming.

“You’re gonna make me cum, fat fuck! Do you want me to cum, fat fuck?”

“Mm-mmm! Mm-mmm!” Alexandra moans out.

Lauren moans loudly, cumming so hard that she squirts, and, soaks Alexandra’s face.

“You made me cum, fat fuck!” Lauren says, still sitting on Alexandra’s face.

“I’m not getting off your face yet, I have something special for you!” Lauren says, as she starts to piss in Alexandra’s mouth.

“Drink my piss you fat fuck!”

Alexandra willingly drinks Lauren’s piss, slurping up every drop.

Lauren finally gets off of Alexandra’s face.

“Did you like my piss, fat fuck?”

“Yes.” Alexandra says, getting to her feet.

“You’ll say anthing to avoid me hitting you again, won’t you, fat fuck?”


“Understand one thing, fat fuck, IF I want to hit you, I WILL! Am I being clear?”

“Yes!” Alexandra says, again crying.

“Let’s go to your bed, fat fuck!” Lauren says, taking Alexandra by the arm, pulling her towards the bed, and, shoving her down onto the bed.

Lauren quickly gets on top of Alexandra, and, again hits her in the face!

“Stop hitting me!” Alexandra cries out.

“Say: ‘Stop hitting me, Mistress Lauren.’ Say it, fat fuck!”

“Please stop hitting me, Mistress Lauren!”

“Good girl!” Lauren says.

Lauren stays on top of Alexandra, and, begins slapping her breasts.

“Like having your tits slapped, fat fuck?”

“No, Mistress Lauren.”

“Wrong answer, fat fuck!” Lauren yells, pinching, and, twisting Alexandra’s nipples, making her scream out in pain.

“Yes, Mistress, I like having my tits slapped!” Alexandra says, again crying.

Lauren steps the violence up by balling up her fist, and, punching Lauren in the crotch.

“OW!” Alexandra screams out.

“Like having your cunt busted, fat fuck?”

“Yes, yes Mistress, this fat fuck likes having her cunt busted!”

“You’re learning, fat fuck!” Lauren says, reaching down, and, tearing Alexandra’s panties off of her body.

Alexandra just lays on the bed, completely naked, and, cries uncontrollably.

“Open your legs, fat fuck!”

Alexandra does as ordered, and, spreads her legs wide.

Lauren takes Alexandra’s torn panties, and, stuffs them in her mouth.

“Get ready for some pain, fat fuck!” Lauren yells, taking her fist, and, forcing it into Alexandra’s tight pussy.

Alexandra let’s out a loud, muffled scream, tears streaking down her face.

“That’s it, fat fuck, cry, cry as I fist fuck your fat cunt!” Lauren says, as she starts to fuck Alexandra with her fist.

Lauren continues to slam her fist in and out of Alexandra’s pussy.

“Are you going to cum, fat fuck?”

Alexandra nods her head yes.

Lauren reaches up, and, pulls the panties out of Alexandra’s mouth.

“Ask for permission to cum, fat fuck!”

“Please, Mistress Lauren, may this worthless fat fuck cum?” Alexandra says through her tears

“You may, fat fuck!”

Alexandra loses control, and, cums, hard, squirting, and, soaking her bed sheets.

Lauren pulls her fist from Alexandra’s pussy.

“Clean off my fingers, fat fuck!” Lauren says, jamming her fingers into Alexandra’s mouth, making her suck on them.

After a few seconds, Lauren takes her fingers form Alexandra’s mouth, and starts getting dressed.

Once she’s dressed, Lauren climbs back up on Alexandra, and, punches her in the face one more time, giving her a black eye.

“I’ll be back tomorrow, fat fuck!” She says, turning to leave.

Alexandra just lays on her bed, crying

To be continued…..