Tales Of Forces Sex Vol. 02 Ch. 02

I come home from work late on a Friday night, a week after my men’s room rape at the hands of 6 men.

I walk to my front door, and, am about to unlock it, when I once again feel a punch to the back of my head causing my head to bounce off my door, knocking me out.

When I come to, I’m inside my apartment, stripped completely naked, and, I’m surrounded by the same 6 men who raped me a week ago.

“We told you that we’d pay you a visit, faggot!” The one man says.

“No, you can’t do this, not again!” I say, as I realize that I’m being held down, and, I struggle to break free.

“We can, and, we will, you sissy faggot!” Another man says, grabbling my legs, and, stomping right on my balls.

“OW! FUCK!” I yell.

“We’re gonna rape that mouth, we’re gonna rape that asshole, we’re gonna make you our bitch!” A third man says.

“No! No! No!” I say, again struggling to break free.

“You’re not breaking free, faggot!” Another man says, driving his knee into my balls, making me scream out in pain.

“Time to rape that asshole!” The first man says, as another man lifts my legs, and, pushes my knees towards my chest.

He stands there, and, opens his pants, and, lets his 8-inch cock pop free.

He places the head of his cock right on the rim of my virgin asshole.

“No! No! NOOOOO!” I yell, as he enters my asshole.

The pain is so intense, and, his cock is so thick.

“You’re ass is nice and tight, faggot!” The man says, as he starts to fuck my asshole, I can feel his balls bouncing off my back.

As he fucks my asshole, another man straddles my face, and, begins to wipe the head of his cock over my mouth.

“Open your mouth, faggot!” He says, pinching my nose shut, forcing me to open my mouth, letting him slide his 9-inch cock into my mouth.

I struggle with the size of this man’s cock in my mouth, as he starts fucking my mouth, bouncing his balls against my chin.

Despite my best efforts, I can already feel this abuse turning me on, I can feel my cock growing with each pump in my mouth, and, in my asshole.

“Look at this, this shit is turning this little sissy fuck on, look at how hard his cock is!”

With those words, I feel the cock in my asshole jerk, and, I can feel his hot load shoot deep into my virgin asshole.

He finishes up, and, pulls out of my asshole, but, another man is there to take his place, this man has about a 7-inch cock, and, he just slams it into my sore, bloody asshole.

The man whose cock is in my mouth is still fucking my face deep, and, hard, but, I can already feel the rush of precum shoot into my mouth, and, his body tenses up, and, he shoots his load all the way down my throat, he pinches my nose shut just to make sure I swallow his disgusting load.

He finishes up, but, another man is taking his place, this is now the fourth man to violate me tonight, this man is huge compared to the others, with a 9-inch cock, he pinches my nose shut, leaving me no choice but to take him in my mouth, I gag almost instantly just from the sheer size of him.

Both men begin fucking my holes deep, and, hard, bouncing their balls off both my chin, and, my back, causing me unbearable pain, the pain is so bad that I finally pass out from the pain.

I come to a few minutes later, I’m now tied down to my bed, and, I notice the six men standing around my bed.

“Now that you made us all cum, we’re going to make you cum!” The one man said.

“No! No! No!” I moan out, as I feel the one man firmly grab my hard cock, and, slowly begins to stroke me up, and, down.

“No, please, no!” I again moan out, as I feel myself getting closer to cumming.

“You’re gonna make this bitch cum! Let me help with that!” The one man said, leaning down to suck on my nipples, which drives me over the edge, and, I cum very hard, coating the man’s hand, and, my stomach.

“We made you cum again, faggot!” The man said, punching me in my balls.

“Ow! Fuck!” I scream out.

I one final act of humiliation, all the men take turns stroking their cocks, and, cumming all over my face, then, the all take turns punching, and, kicking me in the balls.

“We’ll be back later, bitch!” The one man says, as they finally leave. Leaving me tied to my bed, my balls throbbing in pain, and, my face coated in cum.

To be continued…