Madison Sex-Kitten’s Dream Match: Madison vs. Tina Lockhart (FightGirl World Title Match)

Madison Sex-Kitten enters first, she’s the reigning Women’s World Champion, but tonight she finds herself in the role of challenger, as she challenges current FightGirl World Champion ‘The Diva Killer’ Tina Lockhart.

Madison and Tina meet in the middle of the ring, and Tina shoves Madison, sending her down to the mat. Tina pounces on top, and starts pounding on Madison. As Tina is doing that, Kati Summers comes through the crowd, and again uses a steel chair, and levels Tina from behind, then Kati lays the chair down, and hooks Tina’s head, and once again delivers the ‘Diva Killer’ implant DDT. And Madison just sits in the corner as this is going on, then she turns Tina over, and applies the split leg submission move, but Tina is already unconscious. The referee immediately calls for the bell. Madison is declared the winner.