NCAA Football ’14 11/21/16 

This has been a good day, I got myself a new 360 system, and I’ve been playing since I came home this afternoon. And that I keep playing with a bunch of created teams, I love this game, but once this season of NCAA is finished, I’m going to move onto a season of Madden NFL 25, and tonight as I’m going to bed, I’m going to try to download  Madden NFL ’17 and EA Sports Fifa World Cup Brazil, and I may have take an entire day, and just play different games, although, I may spend the money I was going to spend on Madden, I may either spend on WWE 2K17, or NBA 2K17, it’s hard to describe, because I’m going to get these games eventually. I would love to just wake up early on a Saturday or Sunday, and start with Fifa World Cup, then move to Fifa ’14, then move to MLB 2K13, NBA 2K14 and NHL 14, and finish the day with NCAA Football ’14 and Madden NFL 25 and WWE 2K14. 

I just love playing games, I’m a huge gamer, and have been the better part of my life, and just all these games. And the next chance I get, I’m going to buy more Xbox points, and more SD cards for my 3DS, and I’m going to be the man. Jennifer at Game Alley was so nice and so helpful, I love shopping at Game Alley.

And as I was saying earlier, I downloaded Pokemon: Yellow today, as well as Super Mario Bros. 3. And I want to buy about 3 or 4 more SD cards, and about 2 more Xbox points cards, these are my plans hopefully.