NCAA Football ’14 11/22/16

I finally got my new 360 working well, and I love playing these sports games, I’m goinbg to be downloading soon a couple of game, then periodically buy points for more games, same with my 3DS, I need to two or three new SD cards to get all the games I want. 

The one game I really want to get is Super Smash Bros., and I want to get the Animal Crossing Home Designer game, plus more Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! games. And when I get a new cell phone, one of the first things I’m downloading is Pokemon Go.

I can’t help it, I love video games, have since I was a child and I got an Atari 2600, then my sister bought me an original Nintendo Entertainment System, and every few yearsa, I upgrade, that’s why now, I’d love a Wii U.