Games I’m Downloading.

Today, I finally cashed in my Xbox points, I bought EA Sports FIFA World Cup Brazil, NHL Legacy, Madden ’17, and a few arcade and indie games. Soon, I’d love to download WWE 2K17 and all the add-ons, and NBA 2K17 FIFA ’16 or 17 & MLB 2K16, so, that will require more points, I’ll probably need $150 worth of points, and I want SD Memory Cards for my 3DS, and I want to get some Animal Crossing games, Mario games, and Pokemon games, and I want to get a Wii U, and I’d love to do this before the end of 2017, so, that gives me time.

I’m happy I got Madden’17, the onne thing I really loved was sports games, ever since the invention of Tecmo Bowl.  I just wish there was another version of the NCAA Football series.

I love the fact tyat in the console game world, you can now download games instead of going to the store, use your time and gas, and stand in line to buy the game, now you just connect your consoloe to your Wi-Fi, connect to the online store and download the game you want, for basically the same price. And games are getting cooler and cooler, I bliterally can’t wait to play Madden ’17, and I swear, before my mom comes home from the rehab center, I will have my entire day of sports gaming.