My Thoughts On The Passing Of Fidel Castro

I only know what I read ing text books, and now find myself researching information on this man, much in the same way I do to lear anything about the holocaust, Auschwiitz, & the 2nd World War.

My sister’s god father, was a proud Cuban, he was even at one point friends with Fidel Castro, long after his prospects of becoming a Major League Baseball went away, but, he made one mistake, he helped Castro assume power in Cuba, allowing Castro and his communist regime to take over an already struggling country. 

Like many others, my sister’s god father had to literally leave all that he knew behind, and shoot his way out of Havana, and defect to America, first taking up residence in Camden, NJ, before eventually moving to Little Havana.

Some people call Fidel a great man, and those people are entitled to their own opinion, me on the other hand, think he’s no better than: Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin & V.I Lenin.

I’m finding myself to become more and more of a history buff, and I read about the IRA in London, and remember hearing the stories my father and his parents would tell me about a faction of the IRA that ran things in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, they were called The Molly Maguires, most thought of them as thugs, and just a poor mans version of the mafia, others praise these men, saying they were unjustly accused and convicted of crimes.

I read about the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, who, under Josef Stalin were told, if they were captured by the Nazi’s, they will be considered a traitor, and will be denied access to the Soviet Union upon release.

The IRA and the Nazi’s trying to invade London during the tenure of Winston Churchill as Prime Minister, who was calling on a daily basis wonder when the US would come help. But much like today, there were Nazi sympathizers with in London, much in the same way we’re seeing ISIS sympathizers here in America.

“Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it…”