RingDivas & The LWWL Presents RingDivas: Superstars 2016

Event Available At http://www.ringdivashop.com/catalog
RingDivas & The LWWL Present RingDivas Superstars 2016

RingDivas.com, LingerieWrestling.com, &, The Maiden Network Present: RingDivas: Superstars

The Complete Event can be purchased for $37.97, or, you can buy each match individually for as low as $9.99

In the first match of the evening:

“The Franchise” Elle Dumon vs. Devin Myers

RingDivas continues its talent search for the newest and brightest stars as one Devin Myers steps up to the plate to prove that she belongs on the main roster in the LWWL. Unfortunately for Devin Myers her very first match in the LWWL will be against the former Women’s World Champion Elle Dumon. Watch as Elle Dumon COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYS Devin Myers in her debut match in the LWWL!!!

2ndmatch of the evening: Empress Azumi vs. Kylie Lockhart

RingDivas continues its talent search for the newest and brightest stars and one of the newest stars looking to become a permanent fixture on the roster is one Kylie Lockhart. But unfortunately for Kylie in the semi-main event of RingDivas Superstars she goes one-on-one with the newly crowned Empress Azumi as she makes her debut. Watch as the newly crowned Empress shows Kylie Lockhart just what it takes to be successful on the main roster!!!

In the main event of the evening: “The Reflection Of Perfection” Destiny Dumon vs. Heather Holms

Fans wanted a dream match between these two LWWL stars and that is exactly what we will deliver. After Heather Holms debut we received many e-mails asking about the possibilities of seeing Heather Holms face off against the Women’s World Champion Destiny Dumon. With that demand it left us no choice but to book the match. In a highly anticipated match up watch as “Women’s World Champion” Destiny Dumon goes one on one with former MMA fighter Heather Holms in a non-title one-on-one match up!!!