Kylie Lockhart vs. Empress Azumi (Undisputed Women’s Championship Contender Match)

Kylie Lockhart comes out first wearing her usual pink and black bikini set.

Next outcomes The Empress Azumi, who kneels as she enters the ring, and gives Kylie a vicious uppercut low blow, a move she learned from her mentor, Empress Sayuri. Kylie crumbles to the mat, crying and writhing in pain.

“Did that hurt, little Lockhart, bitch? I’m imagining your cunt of a sister, Alexa, I’m imaging that’s her cunt I’m busting.” Azumi whispers in Kylie’s ear.

“FUCK YOU!” Kylie yells, delivering a vicious right hook right on Azumi’s jaw, kncking her out almost instantly. Kylie just walks over and places her foot on Azumi’s chest as the referee counts to three and Kylie is declared the winner.

As Kylie stands there victory posing, the lights go out in the arena, and when they come back on, Destiny is in the ring with Kylie, and delivers a vicious Viper Strike to the unsuspecting Lockhart. Alexa runs to the ring to see if her sister is ok, and she receives a Viper Strike for her trouble. Destiny, removes Kylie’s bikini top, and tears Alexa’s dress off of her, and walks from the ring twirling both over her head.

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