Video Game News: Madden ’17 12/10/16

I’ve just been having so much fun playing this game, I can’t wait till I’m done my 2nd season, I’m currently undefeated, and I went for the run-n-shoot offense to a run based offense, and I’m using my RB Keenan Reynolds to his full potential, and Brett Hundley my QB is playing good as well. And I’m hoping for another Super Bowl run. And I’m hoping sometime next year I can afford a Nintendo Wii U, and I’m going to be trading in my Nintendo Wii, all the physical copies of games that i own, with the exception of Madden 25, and this one Super Mario game a friend of mine bought me a couple of years ago. And then I’m just doing digital movies, games, books, music, everything, I’m even downloading certain audio books, I love doing that, and believe me, my life is far from sweet, but, it’s getting there.