Girls Gone Hypnotized: Alisha Barefoot & Hypnotized

Alisha Barefoot and Hypnotized

Alisha wants to have sex with her boyfriend, but doesn’t want to play into his sexual fantasy of her sucking on her own bare feet and toes. After she refuses to comply willing, he puts her into a trance with hypnotic music from a magic recorder. She tries to fight its power initially, but ends up completely hypnotized and obedient. Alisha’s free will is removed and she mindlessly obeys her master’s commands. She presents her bare feet to her master to touch and play with, before striping off her clothes and dancing to the hypnotic music. Alisha walks aimlessly in a trance and chants her mantras, then drops to the floor in a daze and begins licking and sucking on her bare feet and toes, just as her master commanded.

Full Video Details:
11 minutes, 55 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:

  • Controlled by a hypnotic music from a recorder
  • Made to reply “yes master”
  • Goes into a trance and presents her bare feet to her master, as she chants her mantra
  • Barefeet are rubbed and inspected
  • Put to sleep with a snap of the fingers
  • Begins striping her clothes off and dancing when she hears the hypnotic music
  • Stands entranced as her master rubs her chest
  • Must sleepwalk through the room repeating her mantra
  • Made to lick and suck on her bare feet and toes
  • Put back into a hypnotic sleep and felt up by her master
  • Made to sleepwalk up to her master’s bedroom
  • Topless, nude down to panties

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