Girls Gone Hypnotized: Christina Under Control

Christina Under Control

The nature of the mind control in this video is through “force powers”.  There is no hypnosis through eye fixation.

Christina has been seeing a guy for a couple of weeks, but now decides she’d rather just be friends with him than have a sexual relationship. Christina doesn’t know him well enough to know that he has a special ability, and can make her do anything he wants simply by willing her to do it. With a powerful hand gesture, Christina is now completely under his control and will obey his every command while remaining in a deep trance.

Full Video Details:
10 minutes, 51 seconds
Only $9.99

Key highlights of video include:

  • Mind controlled through magic powers
  • Made to call her controller “master”
  • Knocked unconscious with force powers
  • Body is manipulated throughout, both physically and with magic powers
  • Eye check while unconscious
  • Made to remove her own shirt in her sleep
  • Forced to sleepwalk in a daze while repeating her mantras
  • Again put to sleep with magic powers
  • Made to repeat her mantras in her sleep
  • Made to lead her master to her bedroom with a smile on her face
  • Topless

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