Video Games: Madden NFL ’17 12/12/16

Today I took control of a second team, the Tennessee Titans, who I didn’t make the playoffs with, but, I’m again molding a team in my image. I’m going to try to trade Marcus Mariota, Demarco Murray, Derrick Henry & Delanie Walker, & I converted Denard Robinson & Dexter McCluster from RB’s to WR’s, and with the Cowboys, I won another Super Bowl, defeating the New England Patriots, and I converted Trent Richardson from RB to FB, and I still Keenan Reynolds and Brett Hundley, the last two League MVP’s and Offensive Rookies Of The Year.

People don’t get why I play games so much, I just say, it’s the one thing I’ve always been good at, was playing video games, I’ll probably play video games until the day I die.

And, in case you’re wondering, I plan t start Kellen Moore & CJ Spiller at QB & RB when I trade Mariota, Henry & Murray, and I run the Run-N-Shoot, so no need for a tight end.