Cali Logan vs. Cassandra Jade Czubara-Caufield: Catfight.


Ms. Cali Logan

‘Blueyed’ Cassandra Jade Czubara-Caufield

 Neither of these women have ever met, and Blueyed Cass has never had a catfight in her life, but none of this deterred Cassandra from accepting the challenge of Ms. Cali Logan to a no holds barred catfight, in Cali Logan’s personal home.

Cassandra, who is still getting her hair and make up done, is wearing a white satin & lace bra and panty set, along with a white garter belt with matching stockings.

Cassandra comes into the bedroom area, and there is Ms. Cali Logan, wearing a black bra with black panties and a matching garter belt and stockings.

Action is called, and Cali charges Cassandra, and tackles her to the bed, and starts slapping her around, and pulling her hair.

“Let go of my hair, you fucking bitch!” Cassandra yells, as Cali has pinned down.

Cali reaches down and breaks the straps on Cassandra’s bra, and exposes her 36c breasts, which also happen to be pierced, and Cali starts slapping her breasts.

Cassandra quickly over powers Cali, and gets on top of her, and begins choking her, but Cali pokes her in the eyes, and blinds Cassandra, and now Cali is setting Cassandra up for a head scissor choke out.

Cali places Cassandra’s head between her legs, and begins squeezing, Cassandra has no choice but to tap out, but, Cali doesn’t stop there, she keeps squeezing until Cassandra completly passes out, but, Hannah Perez, who is there for a match later on, comes to the aid of Cassandra, and Hannah challenges Cali to a catfight on Christmas Eve.

So check back here on Christmas Eve for Hannah Perez vs. Cali Logan, and, Cassandra Jade Czubara-Caufield vs. Valerie Elizabeth Wyndham