Putin Chooses Not To Retailiate Against US For Sanctions 

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is hoping to have a strong and cordial relationship with incoming President Donald J. Trump has chosen not to retailiate against the United States, and more specificially President Obama for sanctions against his country for their supposed role in the hacking scandal of the DNC over the summer, and for the possible rigging of the election, and helping President-Elect Trump obtain office.

Look, I understand we’re the most powerful country in the world, we’re practically the last bastion of freedom, but, we keep sticking our noses in everyone’s business, we keep letting these refugees into the country, I can guarantee we’ll have another terror attack in this country sooner rather than later.

All I know is this, I didn’t vote for either Trump or Clinton, Trump, much like the Palin’s, suffers from what I like to call ‘Foot In Mouth’ Disease, I also feel the same way about William Jefferson & Hillary Rodham Clinton, I made the mistake 24yrs ago of voting for then Arkansas Governor William Jefferson Clinton, it was a decision I regret to this date, most of the people I vote for, odds are they won’t win office, but, I make damn sure I don’t vote major party, I vote either third party, or I write-in a candidate.