WWE Roadblock: End Of The Line.

I’m just now finally sitting down tonwatch WWE Roadblock: End Of The Line, and, it’s pretty good, a pretty entertaining PPV.

Here is my only thoughts, Chris Jericho should be a heel all the time, I don’t think WWE should even entertain thoughts of turning him face.

Kevin Owens, does anyone else feel like he should be the baby face in this whole scenario? I think that Seth Rollins is a good ‘tweener’, and Roman Reigns would be better served by a heel turn. These are only my observations.

A tag team like the New Day, I’m sorry, if they were around in the 80’s, Demolition would have sent them back to NXT. And Shameus & Cesaro are no better.

And the constant title changes between Charlotte & Sasha Banks, kind of diminishes the Women’s Championship…

Anyhow, that’s my take, I’ll report more later…