RingDivas & LWWL Present: New Year’s Resolution 2017

On Friday night, RingDivas.Com & The LWWL present New Year’s Resolution 2017

First the card is “The Franchise” Elle Dumon vs. Kylie Lockhart

In the opening contest LWWL newcomer Kylie Lockhart returns to in-ring action as she goes one on one with one half of the Dumon Dynasty and the “Former” Women’s World Champion Elle Dumon. Watch as Elle Dumon COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYS Kylie Lockhart in a one sided domination match up!!!

You can either order Elle vs. Kylie for $9.99 or the entire New Year’s Resolution Event for only $37.97

Next on the card: Empress Azumi vs. Heather Holms

Description: Heather Holms vs. Empress Azumi (New Years Resolution 2017)

In the semi-main event fast rising star Heather Holms steps into the squared circle to take on the newly crowned Empress Azumi. Heather Holms has a lot to prove as she tries to find her way to success in the LWWL and Empress Azumi has to be feeling the pressure to succeed. Which one of these two LWWL stars will walk out of the contest with their hands raised? You have to tune in to find out!!!

You can but the Heather vs. Azumi match for $12.99 of the entire New Year’s Resolution Event for $37.97

And next is the main event which pits Undisputed Women’s World Champion “The Reflection Of Perfection” Destiny Dumon vs. Devin Myers.

Description: Devin Myers vs. Destiny Dumon (New Years Resolution 2017)

In the main event of New Years Resolution 2017 new comer Devin Myers steps into the ring against the true Legend of RingDivas, the four time “Women’s World Champion” Destiny Dumon. Watch as Destiny proves just why she is the most dominant superstar in our business as she man handles and COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYS Devin Myers in the main event!!!

You can either order Devin vs Destiny for $14.99, or you can order the entire New Year’s Resolution Event for $37.97