Hell Froze Over Again: Kurt Angle To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame.

That’s right everyone, every body’s favorite wife beating piece of shit, Kurt Angle, who claims he had a broken neck when he won the Olympic gold medal in ’96, and who famously beat the shit out of his estranged wife instead of being at the arena in Pittsburgh defending his TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and of course, the duo of Jerry & Jeff Jarrett refused to bail Angle out so he could defend his title.

But, by all means, let’s induct him in the Hall Of Fame, when someone like the legendary Jimmy Snuka can’t even get a mention on WWE programming all because he was charged with murder, when Angle, ACTUALLY DID BEAT HIS WIFE! Glad to see the McMahon family has their priorities in order…I wonder how much input Hunter-Hearst McMahon had on this decision, because we all know the WWE universe revolves around Triple McMahon.