Kurt Angle Would `Love’ To Face AJ Styles.

In a dream world thought up by the megamanilacal Kurt Angle he says that he could still headline WrestleMania against AJ Styles.

Ladies & Gentlemen, if you`ve never read this website, you have no idea the disdain I have for Kurt Angle, Kurt Angle single handedly killed TNA Wrestling, well, him & Jeff Jarrett who decided to date Angles wife after Angle beat the shit out of her in Pittsburgh instead of being in the arena to defend the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

There are 4 people in the wrestling industry I have no respect for and that list is:

  1. Triple H (AKA Triple McMahon)
  2. Jeff Jarrett
  3. SoCal Val (Reference #2)
  4. Kurt Angle

My hatred for Triple McMahon comes from an angle that he was in with Kane which involved necrophilaia , and it led to a war of words between us, and led to me being served with cease & desisit orders.

Same with Jarrett & SoCal Val, I was having what I thought was a private conversation about what I thought was wrong with TNA Wrestling, it wasn’t until I was going to the TNA house show at the former ECW Arena, where again I was served with cease & desisit

And Angle…Karen Angle-Jarrett…’nuff said…

I’ve made my fair share of enemies in the world of professional wrestling, and do I regret the things that cost me those relationships? Yes. Would I do anythig differently? Absolutely not. I spoke my mind, and fucking asshat communists like Paul Levesque (Triple H) or Paige Nicole Mayo (SoCal Val) can try to take my voice away, and they did for years, but now I’m back, and I promise you, I ain’t going anywhere, this “Rambling” man doesn’t back down from ANYONE!