Should The WWE Dissolve The Wyatt Family?

According to Bleacher Report, it’s time for the WWE to break apart the Wyatt Family.

Personally, I disagree, but, I also agree the WWE is doing them no favors. 

After decimating Heath Slater & Rhyno at TLC to win the Smackdown Tag Titles, it should have been clear, bring back the Brothers Of Destruction (Kane & ‘Taker), especially after the back stab Orton did to Kane to endear himself to Bray Wyatt, who, with all the respect to Jeff Hardy is the real Charismatic Enigma. Bray Wyatt is a polarizing figure, and seeing him tag with Randy Orton, they are a force, but, think about what a bigger force Bray Wyatt would be if he’d had tagged with Braun Strowman?

Wyatt & Orton could have had a good feud with Kane & ‘Taker if WWE so chose, but, instead, they had them immediately drop the titles to American Alpha, and then this internal conflict with Orton & Luke Harper is just something that didn’t need to be done, so I guess what I’m saying, I’m aggreeing with Bleacher Report, Wyatt should go it alone, he’s the most charismatic character they have on Smackdown Live, and could certainly be a draw for a while if they so choose.