More Thoughts On WWE.

I’m not exactly sure what the creative team at WWE is thinking, but, it sounds like Vince Russo is writing for them again, which by the way, in the words of Chris Jericho, Vince Russo… YOU’RE A STUPID IDIOT!

Anyhow, back to business. The Royal Rumble was another classic example of how the WWE doesn’t know what to do with Bray Wyatt, in this David Koresh like character you have a world of endless possibilities, think what WCW did with Raven, and his ‘Flock’, although, it should have been called Raven’s Unkindness, but, I digress. Bray Wyatt is the most polarizing figure you have on Smackdown Live! And the WWE keeps pissing away good opportunities for him and his…Family. First, I questioned the addition of Randy Orton, but, seeing how dominant he and Wyatt could be as a tag team, my position softened, but then to have them quickly drop the tag titles to a team they steamrolled weeks prior in American Alpha was in my opinion stupid, now you have a dysfunctional family with the problems with Luke Harper, and now The Apex Predator Randy Orton gets a Championship match at WrestleMania, where does this leave Bray Wyatt? 

And as I asked earlier will Orton target the WWE Championship or the Universal Championship? Will Orton be involved in Cena’s title defense in two weeks at the first Smackdown Live exclusive PPV of the year, Elimination Chamber?

My mind is literally going a mile a minute, and I haven’t even touched on the clusterfuck that is the Smackdown Live’s Women’s Division, you can assume the feud between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss is over and now it’ll be Alexa & Naomi and now probably Becky will face off with Mickie James, who, let’s face facts folks, I have leather that has aged better than Mickie James, and don’t even try to compare in ring skills, Mickie James is from an era when all you needed was a bubble butt and big tits to be put over, caze in point…Trish Stratus, need I say more…

People say SD Live is better that Raw, I seem to see things a different way. But hey, if you like a brand that makes a clusterfuck of all storylines, by all means.