Madden NFL ’17 2\1\17

I keep loving and loving this game, now that my laptop, for the time being is out of commission, no playibg on Pogo for a while, it’s just me and Madded NFL, and I”m ok with that.

I’m still in my first season with the Dallas Cowboys, soo to be London Monarchs, I love the fact that there are 4 places out of the country that you can relocate a team to. What you can choose Mexico City, Toronto, Dublin or London, I chose London.

I’m going to try to play some other games before the night is over as well, I love playing my games, and I’m saving up to get some more games, of course after I buy my new laptop, which I’m hoping will be soon, not that there is anythinng wrong with my tablet and my phone, just, I can’t play Pogo on either one of them, and I needs my Pogo, know what I’m saying?