The Problem With SmackDown Live!

You know, I didn’t watch SmackDown last night, and in a way, I’m glad I didn’t.

The way that the writers are handling the Wyatt\Orton situation, I’d slap the living fuck out of them.

First, WTF was with Orton winning the Rumble? Y2J should have won, giving more creedence to KO turning on Jericho on Monday night. But now, Orton “refuses” to face Wyatt at WrestleMania. Dafuq is wrong with those writers?

Now, they need a 2nd Rumble to determine who will face Wyatt…guess what, the ONLY match that made sense was Orton & Wyatt. You have a huge clusterfuck, because Kane makes sense, but, you haven’t seen Kane since Orton turned his back on him, ‘Taker makes sense, but, he had an epic staredown with Roman Reigns at the Rumble. 

I want to see how WWE gets out of the clusterfuck, and makes a main event that’s actually believeable.

This is as bad as the clusterfuck with the Cruiserweight title, although, no one could for see Tony Nese getting injured last week, but, my worst fears came true when now it’s “Gentlemen” Jack against Neville at Fastlane. The only thing that can save this is if the rumors are true, and Austin Aries faces Neville at WrestleMania in Orlando.