Sixers Trade Noel To Mavericks.

I know that the staff at 97.5 The Fanantic (WPEN Philadelphia) busted the proverbial nut today at hear the Philadelphia 76ers traded none other than Nerlens Noel to the Dallas Mavericks, when everyone in Philadelphia sports media were screaming trade Okafor, Noel fits better with Embiid. Guess what guys? You don’t know shit about shit, and pull up your fucking pants. Guys like Rob Ellis, Harry Mayes, Mike Missinelli (fountain of misinformation if I ever met one…), you guys were shitting all over Okafor, guess who will be the first in line to suck his cock. I guarantee Mikey Miss already has his knee pads on.

I like listening to the Fanantic for several reasons, one reason is because these smacked asses have no frigging clue what they’re talking about, all they know is, Da ‘Iggles should make the Super Bowl every year, the Phils should contend for the World Series every season, Randall Cunningham was the greatest quarterback…EVER! And don’t ever say an unkind word about T.O. And all anyone in Philly should care about are the sports teams, well let me tell you something, smacked asses, this is one New Jersey guy who thinks for himself…I like the Cowboys, Braves, Sixers, Flyers, Union, Manchester United…And I ain’t making one excuse for any team I like, you don’t like it? Kiss my ass if you don’t like it…Mic drop