What Is Going On The The 76ers?

Ok, the Sixers, let’s face facts, nobody expected anything from them…I’m assuming ever again, because of the clusterfuck they’ve buried themselves in. They draft Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel, who is unable to play at first because of injuries, he sits his first season, then when he does play, him and MCW look like a sure thing, then they trade MCW to Milwaukee…Dafuq? Then, they draft Jahlil Okafor…Que? And Joel Embiid, who (stop me if you’ve heard this…), can’t play for…TWO SEASONS! Because he broke his foot. Then, as the Sixers haven’t stunk the Wells Fargo Center up enough, they draft Ben Simmons, they 2nd coming of God Almighty…now, enter said clusterfuck…you have Embiid, Okafor, and Noel, also add in European draft pick Dario Saric, and now Simmons…who I forgot to say…CAN’T PLAY! He rolled is ankle and broke his foot in the preseason…Sixers wanted him back in January…they just shut him down for the season…now, Noel, everyone wanted Okafor traded, they trade Noel instead to Dallas…and Embiid, the 3rd coming of God Almighty, injuried his knee, and is shut down for the season…so…another season of tanking for a team that made the NBA finals in 2000…

People wonder why I don’t watch much basketball, college, or professional, it’s because, these kids, who don’t know shit about shit, committ to Kentucky so they can play under Calipari, play one fucking season (because that’s all they’re required to do…), and declare for the NBA draft, you’re barely out of high school, you don’t know shit about shit and pull up fucking pants!

For every Kobe Bryant, LeBron James & Kevin Garnett that made the transition from high school to the pros, I can give you Michael Jordan, Steph Curry & Tim Duncan who play all 4yrs in college, and all three of them are going to be Hall Of Famers, you can’t name one of these stupid ass one & done fuckers that’s going to make the hall…Embiid? Not unless he gets new feet, knees & legs, Kyrie? Maybe if the self professed King didn’t come back to Cleveland, we might say Kyrie.