NFL Free Agency

The Philadelphia Eagles may walk away the big winner of NFL Free Agency, signing not only Torrey Smith, but also Alshon Jeffery. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers land DeSean Jackson.

In a move that kind of surprised me, the Cleveland Browns traded for Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler, and the surprising things are, the Texans gave up on him after one season, and that the Browns are ultimately talking of just releasing Osweiler before the ink even dries on the deal. Although both the Texans and Broncos are both in talks to acquire Tony Romo, personally, Romo to Houston makes a lot more sense, Paxton Lynch deserves a chance in Denver, and certain teams want Trevor Simian, it’s just I thought Romo would be in Houston to tutor Osweiler, but, now that Osweiler his not there, will Houston draft a QB and have him learn under Romo for 2-3 seasons.

The Eagles moves impress me, now they not only got Carson Wentz a #1 & #2 receiver, now Jordan Matthews can be a viable #3, but, could this leave former 1st round pick Nelson Agahlor on the outside looking in? Now the Eagles need to do is focus on offensive line and secondary in the draft.

The Cowboys are unloading some members of their offensive line, could this be a step in the wrong direction for the defending NFC East Champions? 

The Buccaneers, in landing DeSean Jackson have finally got a threat for Jameis Winston, who, in my opinion needs to lead Tampa to the playoffs this season, same with Marcus Mariota, with a back field of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry all they need is that outside threat, could Kenny Stills or Brandin Cooks land in their lap.

Speaking of a running game, the Giants, Eagles & Redskins are going to be in the market for a running back, I said before, will Christian McCaffrey fall to 14 for the Eagles, can you imagine Leonard Fournette in Gotham playing with Eli, Marshall & OBJ?  With DeSean & Garcon gone, who can Cousins throw the ball to outside of Vernon Davis?