Streak For The Cash & DFS Picks 4\2\17

What is up everyone, I’ve been gone a while, but, here we go, it’s game plan time, let’s start for STFC

At 11am: English Premier League:

Manchester City-Arsenal

Take Arsenal to Win or Draw

At 1:05pm: Major League Baseball:

New York Yankees-Tampa Bay Rays:

Take New York Yankees.

At 4:05pm: Major League Baseball: San Francisco Giants-Arizona Diamondbacks

Take: San Francisco Giants.

At 7:38pm: NHL Hockey

Philadelphia Flyers-New York Rangers

Take: New York Rangers

And Finally:

At 10:38pm: NHL Hockey:

Arizona Coyotes-Los Angeles Kings

Take: Los Angeles Kings

Now My DFS Picks: First Set Will Be For Draft Kings Next Will Be Fan Duel

MLB Line-up (Draft Kings)

Bumgarner, Tanaka, Y. Molina, Holliday, S. Castro, K. Bryant, Owings, Ellsbury, J. Parker, Schwarber.

(Fan Duel)

Bumgarner, Molina, Carpenter, Castro, Bryant, Owings, Ellsbury, Holliday, Jay