What Is Wrong With The Philadelphia 76ers?

In the city of Brotherly Love, the motto has been preached to “Trust The Process”, and the 76ers have been models of following said “process”. But now you have to wonder, the process we’re all supposed to truse has landed the Sixers Michael Carter-Willimas (Now gone), Nerlens Noel (Traded), Jahlil Okafor (Shut Down For The Season), Joel Embiid (Shut Down For The Season) & #1 Overall pick Ben Simmons (Injured in preseason, shut down for the season), what is there to believe in Philly? You have Dario Saric, who is still getting accustomed to the American style of play, but, Okafor has been a bust, Noel played well with MCW, but, once they drafted Embiid, he became expendable, and the Sixers pulled the trigger on a deal for Noel, just like they shipped out MCW. Now you’re looking at one more season of tanking, probably a top 3 pick in the up coming draft, and then to see how that pick gels with Embiid, Simmons & Saric, they don’t even know how Embiid will play with Simmons, so, it’ll be interesting next season in Philadelphia.