WWE News


I was surprised the past couple of days, seeing not only The Hardy Boyz back in the WWE, but, seeing Finn Balor in the corner of Seth Rollins, turning his back on his one time tag partner, Samoa Joe, but also seeing The Revival show up on Raw as well, but then the next night, Shinsuke Nakamura and Tye Dillenger make their SmackDown Live! debut.

The face of the WWE is forever changing, and so does it seem for NXT, Joe & Nakamura carried that brand the last year or so, now it’s up to Bobby Roode, and I hope he can carry the brand like Joe and Nakamura.

The Revival I think are in the worst position, debuting in a tag team scene that already has The Hardy’s, The New Day, Enzo & Cass & Gallows & Anderson, I don’t count Sheamus & Cesaro because to me they’re two singles wrestlers that just decided to team up, if WWE comes to their senses and realize that the team of Balor & Joe won the first Dusty Rhodes Classic, and that Rollins and Reigns could also make formidable teams, then you could have a hot tag team scene.

I would also like to see #DIY join the SmackDown Live! roster, I think they could be good challengers to The Usos.

Got to wonder who is next in line for Bobby Roode’s NXT championship, could possibly Eric Young be next? It would be interesting to see two former Team Canada members face each other in WWE, few remember that Eric Young was a team Canada member back in TN…Eh! Along with Bobby Roode.

But it’ll be interesting to see where WWE goes from here with the NXT brand,.