Should The Eagles Roll The Dice On McCaffrey At #14 Overall?

To me this is a virtual no brainer, the Eagles need a running back badly, and Christian McCaffrey from Stanford fills a need, I’ve often said, the Eagles need a back who can give them 10-15 carries from the backfield, and also be able to catch 5-6 passes a game, McCaffrey won’t be a work horse by any means, but, he’ll fill a much needed position on a team that has many glaring needs, they filled  WR nicely through free agency with the addition of Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery both of whom add much needed fire power to a much maligned WR corps who couldn’t catch a cold last season.

I’m focusing on the Eagles so much because the draft this season is in the city of brotherly love, my home town, Philadelphia and I’m not an Eagles fan by any stretch of the imagination, but, I’m a sports columnist, at least I fancy myself as one. And I need to look objectively at these things, now like people want to talk about how the Browns, who have two first round picks by the way, should hold off and take UNC’s Mitch Trubisky #33 overall, despite that they’re picking both at #1 overall (they’re expected to take Texas A & M’s Myles Garrett with that pick), & #12 overall, but now both Trubisky and Clemson’s Deshaun Watson are both projected to go in Round 2, I say this, if Deshaun Watson lasts past the 49ers pick at #2, I’ll be surprised, of course, I’m an offensive guy, and Cleveland needs a QB desperately, so, they better hope no one else pounces on Trubisky before they get a chance to at the top of round 2. LSU’s Leonard Fournette is a name I’m hearing a lot going to the Carolina Panthers, and that to me seems like a good fit, a good, hard nose runner like Fournette teamed with the bulldozer who is Cam Newton, and I see the Panthers having the #1 ground game in the league this up coming season.

This draft should be very interesting, and it comes from Philadelphia, in just under 2 weeks. The Eagles, who do need a young WR, I think can feel good about passing on Mike Williams form Syracuse, and going with McCaffrey, because I believe McCaffrey is a once in a lifetime talent who is too good to pass up on, I know some people Fournette would be a better fit, not for that offensive scheme the Eagles run, the west coast style offense fits McCaffrey to a T, but we’ll all see on Thursday May 27th, 8pm eastern on ESPN, the ESPN app, and WatchESPN.