49ers open To Dealing #2 Pick, John Lynch: “We’re Open For Business…”

The San Francisco 49ers, who are in the middle of a major overhaul, firing Chip Kelly, and their GM, and bringing in head coach Kyle Shanahan and GM and former Fox NFL analyst John Lynch, and wi9th major, major glaring needs, the 49ers are open to dealing the #2 overall pick, which could be a smart move, because they could at least demand 3 1st round picks as compensation. But with QB’s out there like Mitch Trubisky & DeShaun Watson, they can probably either get one of them later in the 1st round or possibly in the 2nd round, which is when the Cleveland Browns, holder of the #1 overall pick is expected to take Mitch Trubisky.

And possibly the perfect RB could fall right in the lap of John Lynch (Leonard Fournette) that could allow the 49ers to get back to the Jim Harbaugh days.

Anyhow, we’ll find out, one week from Thursday at 8pm eastern on ESPN.