Brooke Fairchild vs. Empress Azumi (Rising Angels Title Match.)

This match has been a long time coming, as the Empress has bided her time waiting for the perfect opportunity to challenge the Rising Angels champion Brooke Fairchild, and what better time than when she’s returning from injury.

Azumi enters first, and she takes her time undoing her robe, and hand to the ring girl.

Then the champion Brooke Fairchild enters, and she’s wearing a red, white & blue bikini, and holding her Rising Angels championship high for all to see.

The referee calls for the bell, and the match begins, and they lock up in the middle of the ring, and Brooke quickly gains control with a side headlock, quickly takes Azumi down, and tries to lock in the Brooke Lock, but, Azumi quickly slips out of it. Azumi rolls outside the ring to collect herself.

Brooke chased her outside, but that proved to be a mistake, as Azumi threw powder in Brooke’s eyes, blinding her, Azumi uses that moment to deliver the Kiss Of Death, followed by a vicious uppercut low blow, basically rendering Brooke unconscious.

Azumi rolls Brooke back into the ring, and places her foot on Brooke’s forehead, and the referee counts to three, and Empress Azumi is the new Rising Angels Champion