Will The Warriors be Challenged on their Way To A 2nd Championship In 3 Years

The Golden State Warriors are the overwhelming favorites to win their 2nd championship in 3 years.

According to ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy, there is no team that’ll even challenge the Dubs in the finals, even if they go against the Cavaliers in the Finals, the Dubs will reign supreme.

Everybody is making such a big deal of resting their big stars several times throughout the year, and I say this, if you’re no conditioned to play all 82 games in a season, then you have no business in the NBA. Resting your stars is just robbing the fans who paid hard earned money from watching you play at full strength, and I think it should factor into MVP voting, and that’s why if I had a vote, I’d vote Russell Westbrook for MVP.  And of course the one vocal voice is the self professed King LeBron James, he’s a big advocate for rest, I say buck up buttercup, you’re almost the max contract, you basically play on a constant one year deal, and like I said, if you and Kyrie and Kevin Love aren’t prepared for an 82 game season, then retire.