The Great American Bash 2005


I switched form 2012 back to about the time I stopped watching in 2005, which started around the time of The Great American Bash ’05, and it’s a SmackDown exclusive PPV, which just to let you know, if it wasn’t for boxing and the UFC, PPV wouldn’t be around anymore, nobody wants to pay $50-$60 for a WWE PPV when you can start with a free month, and get every WWE event all for $10 a month, that’s how I’m watching now, and it’s a great deal.

I watched 3 2012 PPV’s last night/this morning, and I plan on catching up on some ’05 PPV’s tonight into tomorrow morning, and this to me is a great time to be a wrestling fan, everything is cool, I’m glad they cut out all the blood, and the chair shots to the head, honestly that was getting a little much, but, now it’s just as brutal, but it’s more about your mic skills as well, and that’s why I’m glad they got NXT, and guys have to prove themselves in NXT before joining Raw or SmackDown Live!

Anyhow, back to The Great American Bash, I like that they gave Animal and Heidenreich a run as WWE Tag Team champions, in memory of Hawk who at the time of the Bash had died 2 years prior, now of course it’s been 14 years now, and i’m excited to see the rest of the card.