WWE PPV’s From 2012


Most of last night I watched the 2012 WWE Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber & WrestleMania 28, and all three were excellent, but, I must admit, the World Heavyweight title reign of Daniel Bryan was more of a joke than anything else, someone who is barely a heavyweight is being put over the Big Show and Mark Henry, then when it really counted, at WrestleMania against Rumble winner Sheamus, it took on Bro Kick from Sheamus and Bryan’s title reign is over in less than 20 seconds, then, the best performer on their roster CM Punk was also treated as an after thought, his WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match led off the PPV so John Cena could headline, and Daniel Bryan defended the Heavyweight title to kick off WrestleMania, and Punk wasn’t far behind just so Cena & The Rock could headline WrestleMania, in 2012, everyone on the roster, except John Cena was an after thought, and that’s a shame, because Punk really was the best at what he did, and his match against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 28 could have stole the show, it didn’t, because it was written right, that title match was more about John Laurenitis pushing his weight around.

Punk deserved to be treated better in WWE, and it’s a shame, he never headlined a Mania, despite being WWE Champion for almost 18 months, one of the longer reigns in recent history. I consider myself a wrestling historian and watching these last few PPV’s have really broadened my horizons, I didn’t think much of Punk during the so-called revival of ECW, but, watching him in WWE as the WWE Champion with Cult Of Personality as his entrance music was awesome. He deserved better, and is deserving of the chants you still hear for him to this day, despite having retired almost 3 years ago.