Brock Lesnar To Make First Universal Title Defense In July.

In an announcement that made you scratch your head, WWE has announced that Brock Lesnar will defend the Universal Championship in July at the Great Balls Of Fire event…ok…Dafuq?

What about the 30-day rule? What, doesn’t it include Lesnar? They strip Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, & Naomi of their respective championships because of their inability to defend within 30 days, but what about the so-called Beast Incarnate? In 2012-2013 they pushed CM Punk to the brink, even while injured, but, put the strap on a part-timer and all rules go out the window. WWE and specifically Triple McMahon should be ashamed of themselves, you give Lesnar a title run, but fans can’t even see him defend his championship on his own brands exclusive PPV, we have to wait till July, all I know is, it better be Braun Strowman, to me that’s the only match that matters. Do what’s right WWE.