Day One Of The NFL Draft.

After day one of the NFL draft, I’m left scratching my head more than anything else, the Bears, traded up from #3 to #2 all to draft UNC QB Mitchell Trubisky, and in all honesty, the Bears gave up too much for a player they probably could have gotten in at #3 any way, the Browns were wheeling and dealing all night, ending night one with 3 first round picks, including getting Myles Garrett #1 overall and selecting Jabrill Peppers, despite him testing positive for a diluted sample at the combine. The Houston Texans were a favorite trading partner for Cleveland last night, but Houston got QB Deshaun Watson from Clemson, Kansas City traded up to get Patrick Mahomes II.

The Carolina Panthers get Christian McCaffery, who will be an awesome fit for Cam Newton and the Panthers offense. The Jacksonville Jaguars get I think the best RB in the draft, selecting LSU’s Leonard Fournette.

As night 2 approaches, the question now is, who will take Notre Dame QB DeShone Kiser?