Kevin Owens Regains US Championship Two Nights After Losing It To Chris Jericho

Last night on SmackDown Live! Kevin Owens is again United States champion after beating Chris Jericho, two night after he dropped the same title to Jericho at WWE Payback, but Kevin Owens stepped way over the line, delivering a crushing DDT to Jericho on the concrete, but also not one but two pop-up power bombs in the ring, and he kept up his assault well after the match. But the question remains, can The Prize Fighter defeat AJ Styles in 2 weeks at Backlash? I say, at Backlash, I’m looking for AJ Styles to prove why SmackDown Live is “The House AJ Styles Built!”

Becky Lynch made an emphatic statement last night, deciding not to stand with Natalya, Carmella & Tamina against Charlotte Flair & SmackDown Women’s champion Naomi, deciding instead to have the back of The Queen & The Champ.

And is there any more stupider tag team on SD Live than Breezango? The segment where they were the “Fashion Police” was just stupid, and I expect The Usos to wipe the mat with them at Backlash.

And speaking of wiping the mat, imagine what Shinsuke Nakamura is going to do once he finally gets his hands on Dolph Ziggler, I predict The Show Off is going to find out why Shinsuke is The King Of Strong Style. And it all happens, 2 weeks from Sunday and the SmackDown exclusive PPV Backlash, live starting at 8pm eastern on the WWE Network