Brooke Fairchild vs. Kylie Lockhart.

Brooke Fairchild vs. Kylie Lockhart

In Brooke’s first title defense since winning the Undisputed LWWL Women’s World Championship, Brooke puts the gold on the line against up & comer Kylie Lockhart

Kylie enter first, wearing a black and pick bra and panties combo, and is blowing kisses to the crowd.

Then Brooke enters, getting the loudest cheers of the night, as she comes out, proudly holding her newly won Women’s Championship, and Brooke is wearing the some powder blue bra and panties she won when she won the title.

The referee calls for the bell, and Kylie goes for the knockout punch she used before on Azumi, but misses badly, and Brooke answers with a stiff forearm to Kylie’s chest, knocking her to the mat, Brooke then just loses it and starts with vicious ground & pound on Kylie, breaking her nose, the referee pulls Brooke off, but she pounces right back on her, and the referee has no choice but to disqualify Brooke and declare Kylie the winner, referees flood the ring to finally pull Brooke off of Kylie, her face completely covered with blood.